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Infinity Pro® Eliminates, Protects and Inhibits with its multi-purpose Hyper Green® formula. Infinity Pro® is water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, with a pH balance of 7.0. Infinity Pro® has earned its place as the "Go To Product" in the solid waste industry. Day to day operations are magnified on a fast track, either your product works or it doesn't! Products are washed away in seconds and only focus on household issues when they don't make the grade in solid waste.

Infinity Pro® eliminates putrid malodors and has earned the pole position in this and other industries. Solid Waste is a Fortune 500 major league business! The more Infinity® was used by the leaders, the more and more attributes surfaced, showing Infinity Pro's® true power. Infinity Pro® is the leading product which prevents varmints such as rats and squirrels from chewing wires and cables in and on treated sanitation vehicles. Soon hauling facilities discovered the ability to protect surfaces against rust and corrosion. As its use escalated, pests were unable to sense odors and just passed on by! Repellents generally work by taking advantage of an animal's natural aversion to something and often the aversion that is chosen is something that the animal has learned to avoid (or instinctively avoids) in its natural environment. They also mimic natural substances that repel or deter animals. Repellents fall into two main categories, odor, and taste. Scientists from the University of Florida explain there is more, that “Most of these deterrents operate through one of several mechanisms: odor aversion, taste aversion, or fear inducement”. Infinity Pro® has created a proprietary patent-pending formula which was developed, unknowingly, encompassing all these levels without the harsh chemicals ordinarily needed. Eliminates...Protects...Inhibits, Your Most Valuable Assets. Infinity Pro® 100% guaranteed.

Infinity Pro's Barrier Of Protection Has A Zero Mortality Rate On Pests!




Fruit Flies









Infinity Pro® Is an essential part of solid waste operations. Infinity Pro® has stepped up and become part of what the solid waste industry was looking for, a proactive non-toxic, water-based, multi purpose product. Infinity Pro® has proven results within the solid waste fleet, hauling operations, inside recycling facilities and super MRF's, as well as, at landfills.

Fleet Rinse

Fleet wash crews apply Infinity Pro® at the wash bay after the wash, as a quick spray to specific pre-determined locations on the asset, keeping varmints and other pests away! Infinity's® barrier of protection works between weekly washings.


Recycling facilities and transfer stations are inundated with pests and odor. Flies, roaches, nasty trash birds and varmints use these facilities as playgrounds. Our water-based, non-toxic products eliminate the most putrid odors, as well as, all of these pests combined. Our first recycling facility was approved by the Department of Environmental Protection, which removed a Notice of Violation for odor.


Mechanics use Infinity Pro® during PMA inspections, creating a barrier of protection on all harnesses, cables, and on textiles to hard surfaces. Inside and outside of the vehicle for odors and smoke. Infinity Pro® prevents corrosion and rust.

Landfill Ops

Landfills attract pests of all kinds. Birds have become an issue because of odor, acidic droppings, costly damage to equipment and overhead safety. High dilution water-based products are unable to be used as a direct application due to the quick accumulation in leachate systems. Infinity® has developed a proprietary anaerobic foam which works on contact and is cost-effective. This should be used daily by trained staff and workers.


Fleet commercial drivers use Infinity Pro® as a barrier of protection against odor & pests. Used in the side tanks to blast odor completely out of the dumpsters and cans before and after pickups. On clothing and shoes after clean out behind the blade. In the cab on the mats, seats and all surfaces.


Offices at hauling facility's, Mrf's, transfer stations and landfills are more subject to pest activity because of the surroundings. Infinity Pro® is used inside all these locations including offices, parts rooms, HVAC systems, Filters. Infinity Pro® keeps pests at bay.

On Site Ops

Outside areas are neglected. Leachate has a way of seeping into ash-fault, concrete, and under scales. Staging areas before and after drop-offs need attention because pests wander around looking for food. Infinity Pro® in the sweeper & Infinity Pro Rinse™ will create that barrier of protection eliminating these issues.


Fleet Buildings have the issues of rodents, flies, and birds because the trucks inside carry whats needed for these pests to flourish. Infinity Pro® limits this activity. Applying Infinity Pro® at the wash bay and in around the inside eliminates these issues. Infinity Pro® sprayed inside the facility offices, parts rooms and storage areas eliminates nesting areas. Let us teach you and your staff how to effectively removes these issues by using Infinity Pro®.

We Couldn't Make These Up If We Tried!

I started using Infinity Pro" during the PMA inspections. It works! The rat issues chewing the wires and cables stopped. We also noticed the PMA Inspections go smoother, wires and cables are coated, no corrosion or rust issues. everything's protected. I get through an inspection in about 45 minutes. Pro makes my job easier.

Fleet Mechanic Miami, Fl

I just received 16 new trucks and within a week 13 of them were down from rats chewing the wires. I heard of this new product that eliminates odors and stops the rats, flies and bugs. I ordered "Infinity Pro" and started having the mechanic spray all the wires. It work. Never bring an unprotected truck into a protected facility! The rats will get it!

Maintanence ManagerPhoenix, AZ.

We started using Infinity after there company built us a custom misting system for our facility. We had to comply with the regulatory requirements to keep our facility open. Now that the area is more populated odor and dust control was needed. Within the first week of operation odor was gone, no dust, no flies, the Ibis trash birds were gone and the rats were gone, and our glass house had no more gnats. I'm amazed at the power of this product. I've been at facilities before when the misting system was on, me and my staff had issues with breathing, sore throats and we all would cough a lot. Not with Infinity!

MRF ManagerHouston Tx

We use Infinity for the gnats that gather around our plastic from the juices as they ferment. In the hot days they used to be so thick we couldn't walk through, also we spray to get rid of the rats on the pile. We use the back pack blower and the problem corrects itself!

Ops MRF ManagerLakeland, Fl

I've been with this company for 40 years and I've never seen a product like this before. I puck-up one of the worst smelling account this facility has. Before "Infinity" the dumpster had such a bad odor at every pickup the account would move the dumpster which ever way the wind would blow the odor away from the building! Now that i spray at pickup its in the same place every time! the only change is the manager makes sure I spray every time! Its nice to finally get a thumbs up and a smile! Amazing product!

DriverOrlando, Fl

We had a rat somewhere in the cab running around for a long period of time and it was unsafe for our driver. We sprayed Infinity Pro in the cab and the next morning my driver told me he opened the door and the rodent jumped out! I would of never believed it!

Sr Fleet ManagerNaples, Fl

We have a facility 25 yards from a recycling facility which had unpleasant odors all the time. The odors stopped and we had an increase of rats! I called the facility and was visited by the compliance officer and there vendor from Infinity. They thought it was an odor issue. when i explained it wasn't. It was a rodent issue the compliance officer said this guy can help you and excused himself. They came in the following day and sprayed... The rodents left!

Sr. Aviation Technician Northup Grummand

We take in a large portion of organic material. We had a bird problem 300 nasty birds inside the tipping floor. Ibis, Seagulls, Blackbirds, all right at home and the flies were just as bad! We started misting Infinity through the system the first day was interesting we watched the birds exit the facility and line the top of the roof for days they stayed on the roof. No more bird or fly issues!

Super MRFMiami

We pick up at marinas and our trucks don't have tanks to spray. the dumpsters. The marina wanted to down size because of the fish odor was out of control. Infinity went out and brought them samples. The marina was blow away at the odor elimination on contact! they now order direct from Infinity which makes our life much easier.

Hauling facilityMarinas

I leave at 0430 and I puck up rats and roaches, I have to bang the dumpster 3 times just to shake them away before I dump. I duck tape my collars and tuck my pants into my boots because by the second pickup there crawling on me! NOT ANY MORE! One of my co-workers told me about this product, I now spray the dumpsters and the my truck! I haven't seen a rat or a roach since! Swear!

Frontend Loader DriverMiami, Fl

A rat died under the dash and we just recieved our cherry juice

new product that eliminates odors and stops the rats, flies and bugs. I ordered "Infinity Pro" and started having the mechanic spray all the wires. It work. Never bring an unprotected truck into a protected facility! The rats will get it!

Fleet ManagerTampa, Fl

We started having high bird volume inside our maintenance bays. the birds started nesting. We sprayed the empty nests and the birds never returned. We now rinse the inside facility every 3 months. No birds!

Maintenance ManagerJackson Miss.

We have a bird issue and sometimes we shoot off fireworks, sometime we bring in the hawk lady! We decided to try Infinity in the water truck and as a foaming agent As we used it in the water truck the birds were only here because of memory, when wee used the water-based foam they would not cross the barrier its amazing how it works. The odor from birds gathering is horrific! Infinity eliminates the odor as well.

Landfill managerGeorgia

We needed to eliminate the odor, gnats and flies from the dumpster room as well as the chutes. Seems the flies and gnats traveled everywhere and we had no solution. We were recommended Infinity Pro It worked! The residence love it as well as the different fragrances.

Condo Dumpster RoomSunny Isles

I almost threw the salesperson out of my office when I was told rats will no longer chew the wiring harnesses or video cables. I politely dismissed him. There was so much commotion about this product I was told to try the product as a test. I called and ordered the product. From January til June my parts department was purchasing 2 wiring harnesses a month at a cost of over $800.00 per harnesses. We started Infinity June 5th. July, August & September we didn't need to order any harnesses or cables. We sprayed Infinity after the truck wash from the IDS. I actually saw a rat after the rinse while the driver was doing his post inspection checking the air pressure jump from the truck using his back as steps and run across the floor! Boy that driver could run! Love this product!

Maintenance ManagerAtlanta, Ga

We had flies in the shop rats in the trucks and transfer station and odor on the street. We started using Infinity Pro and never looked back! Its an amazing product and We recommend Infinity!

Parts ManagerMemphis Tenn

I operate a recycling facility and a fleet hauling facility. I called because I wanted to find out if it really worked. I was skeptical called the company and they sensed my hesitation. They sent me samples and nicely said call us and tell us how it did!
We had rats eating the lunches of our secretary's in the surrounding portables That stopped! We had rats running the beams in our maintenance building that stopped! We had rats eating the wiring harnesses in our trucks and started applying at the PMA inspections and that stopped. We purchased a back pack sprayer and my mechanics took turns chasing the rats and gnats out of the recycling facility! Our monthly pest control company asked us what are you doing different the rats have minimized! He surly didn't want to say stopped! I recommend Infinity!

Sr District Ops ManagerGreen Bay WI.

We have had your product for a week. My MM said this is the first product that ever worked, we haven't had a hit since on the trucks or odor since you gave us a testers. I was told to get this ASAP how quick can you get here! We want to see everything!

Super MRF with HaulingAlanta

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