Pompano Beach

8 December 2023 - Pompano Beach | Infinity Shields Has Developed A Cure In The War Against Citrus Greening

After a three year case study and proof of concept Infinity Shields has launched Citrus+Aide a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against Citrus Greening. Representing the pinnacle of innovation, developed and patented through the application of biomimicry to address the cure against Citrus Greening, also known as Huanglongbing (HLB) or yellow dragon disease. Citrus+Aide represents a cutting-edge solution to the complex challenges posed by this devastating citrus disease. By mastering the elements of nature, we've created an eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic formula, setting a new standard. Our water-based inert formula, with a pH balance of 7.0, eliminates the inherent hazards of conventional products while providing a protectant that safeguards treated organic surfaces.
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