Our Story

Infinity Shields LLC is a veteran-owned and operated manufacturing business.

Focusing on the science of Biomimetics...

Modeling nature. surface protection was the focus, and after three years of testing Hyper Green Technology was the creation, the most advanced, longest-lasting, water-based, non-toxic formula that, for lack of a better word, was the best product under your sink ever! The formula possesses a pH balance of 7.0, neutral.

The Shield Eliminated...Protected...and Inhibited...Zero off-gas and didn't rub off once applied. We tested. re-tested and tested it with third-party EPA GLP Labs; its testing showed it is non-toxic and created no Chemical oxygen Demands (COD) or Biochemical Demands (BOD). It contains no phosphates or nitrates and is environmentally safe.

In 2020 Infinity Shields won Most Innovative Product of the Year and made the Top 5 in Sustainability from Home Depot. To date, three Notice of Violation 30-day Warnings issued by the Department of Environmental Protection Services to Solid Waste Transfer Stations and MRFs. have been reversed by our Shield

In 2022, while attending the Recycle Florida Conference, the Department of Environmental Protection asked us to present our formula to the Florida Department of Agriculture's Environmental Services for approval to apply on Bio-Compost, Sludge, Sewage, and Leachate for direct application, and the approval was granted.

To date, we are currently National Preferred Vendors with all the U.S. & Canadian Solid Waste Companies, as well as other Fortune 500 Companies. Our products are now available to the consumer in a wide arrangement of at stores as well as online at Walmart, 7Eleven, Speedway, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, Core-Mark, and this upcoming year, Tractor Supply, as well as a few more.

Our Hyper Green® products include The Blast, Pet Pro, Protects, Home Shield Multi-Purpose and just recently after a three-year proof of concept Citrus+Aide a cure for the disease called Citrus Greening.

Currently, with our second patent, we have a product ready to launch that will change the way our world operates, saving time & money. It's called Barnacle Shield. We take pride in our patented Hyper Green® technology and look forward to you being able to use them where it matters most for a protected cleaner tomorrow.