Colección: Equestrian Fly Deterrent Spray

Infinity Shields Protects Equestrian represents the pinnacle of innovation, developed through the application of biomimicry to address complex human and pest issues. By mastering the elements of nature, we've created an eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic formula, setting a new standard in fly pest control and odor management. Our Hyper Green® water-based inert formula, with a pH balance of 7.0, eliminates the inherent hazards of conventional products while providing a water-based protectant that safeguards any surfaces. Hands Down Protects is the Best Horse Fly Spray on the market.

Infinity Shields Protects creates an eco-friendly barrier against all types of equestrian flies and pests. Protects is infused with the soothing scent of peppermint, leveraging the aromatherapy benefits to enhance the animal's focus, respiratory health, and stress relief. Since its inception in 2015, our product has been rigorously tested and regulatory approved. Protects prevent pests from loitering, buzzing, and nesting. Use the hose rinse for barns, stalls, and paddocks, and our 32oz ready-to-use spray as a grooming fly protectant. Spray all clothing, tarps, and blankets to keep the flys away.  

No More Flies!