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Infinity Shields Pet Pro | Odor & Stain Eliminator | Carpet Stain Remover | Hyper Green Long-Lasting Formula | 2-Pack 8oz • Fresh & Clean Scent

Infinity Shields Pet Pro | Odor & Stain Eliminator | Carpet Stain Remover | Hyper Green Long-Lasting Formula | 2-Pack 8oz • Fresh & Clean Scent

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Infinity Shields® Pet Pro™Twin Pack 2- 8oz is eco-friendly, sustainable, and Hyper-Green Safe. Pet Pro is the most advanced product. Backed by molecular science, Pet Pro is a multi-purpose cleaner, eliminator, and protectant that works on contact, eliminating odor, removing stains, and preventing re-marking and re-soiling. Never has a pet product been this economical. Pet Pro provides long-lasting results. Domestic and exotic pet hygiene has advanced to an entirely new level. Pet Pro is highly recommended by occupational pet owners. Infinity Shields® Pet Pro™ continues to work because once applied to the treated surface, Pet Pro creates an invisible barrier of long-lasting protection. This new invisible surface creates a matrix and will not rub off or cause off-gassing, which can harm our pets' keen sense of personality and smell. Pet Pro provides continued efficiency and works on fabric, textiles, carpets, kitty granular, all hard surfaces, and more. Pet Pro is WERCSmart® Registered. MADE IN AMERICA BY VETERANS


  • All Hyper Green Formula is eco-friendly, Sustainable, Water-based, and Non-toxic, with a pH balance of 7.0.  Regulatory tested and certified safe, Contains NO solvents and is alcohol-free. Infinity Shields® Pet Pro™ will not stain any surface and is safe to use around pets and children. Pet Pro is enzyme-free, which is important for pets and surfaces.

  •  ENZYME FREE! Pet Pro is backed by science, with its patented molecular Hyper-Green formula. Pet Pro works on contact; unlike enzyme-based products that must sit on the clean-up area for 15 to 20 minutes to activate before working, they have a limited application area and can cause allergic reactions in pets if inhaled in large quantities. Enzymatic products need repeated treatments to work effectively.

  • HOW TO APPLY: Easy to use, just twist and spray on the affected area. Let dry naturally. Works on carpet, fabric, textiles, floor, grass, bedding, kitty litter, and more. Spray directly on the issue, Pet Pro is an economical and efficient odor eliminator and stain remover that will also stop pets from re-marking the spot. Pets do have accidents when they are unattended; never gag again, removing pet feces; just spray directly on the feces and remove it with no gaging odor.

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Your Satisfaction is our priority; as a consumer, you now have a choice to buy the best product for you, your pet, and your surroundings. If you are not satisfied with our product, just return it, no questions asked. We will never ask you for a review, either.

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