Collection: Pet Pro - Odor and Stain Remover, Prevents Re-Soiling

Infinity Shields® Pet Pro™ is an award-winning, and innovative PET ODOR & STAIN REMOVER that has proven itself in every situation.
Pet Pro™ also PREVENTS RE-SOILING. Infinity Shields Pet Pro™ is the most efficient and economic product which provides long-lasting results.
Domestic pet hygiene has advanced to an entirely higher level in the average household as well as occupationally. Infinity Shields® Pet Pro™ can also be used in the wash for long-term odor protection. Once on the treated surface, our shield creates an invisible barrier of protection, providing continued efficiency for odor elimination, re-soiling, and stain removal on fabric, textiles, and all hard surfaces.  
  • ELIMINATES ODOR: Keep your home fresh & clean always!
  • REMOVES STAINS: A strong formula for deeper cleaning
  • PREVENTS RE-SOILING: Our Shields creates an invisible long-lasting barrier of protection, providing continued efficiency.
  • READY TO USE: No more mixing, simply twist and spray!
  • USE IT ANYWHERE: Works on carpet, bedding, litter box, fabric, textiles, hard surfaces, grass, and more. 
  • HYPER GREEN TECHNOLOGY®: A truly water-based, non-toxic formula safe for repeated use.
  • WERCSmart®Registered